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All musky/pike and trout fishing trips are catch and release only.
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More than fishing, this is an adventure for big fish on the Allegheny River

Allegheny Guide Service’s mission is to teach the fishing techniques that will make you a better angler and put every effort into providing the opportunity for a fish of a lifetime. The Allegheny River, downstream from the Kinzua Dam, yields some of the largest freshwater fish in North America.

If river fishing is not your thing, you will definitely want to take advantage of our lake trips on the Allegheny Reservoir or Tionesta Lake. The Allegheny Reservoir (12,000 acres) holds numerous Pennsylvania State Records like the 17.6 walleye caught in 1980 and the 35lb. pike caught in 2003. Many biologists are convinced that the next state record musky will come from its deep, clear water. Tionesta Lake (630 acres) is considerably smaller but both waterways are very scenic and have undeveloped shorelines. While neither body of water is known for coughing up high numbers of fish, your chance at a real trophy might be worth your time.

My boat is a spacious 2008 21ft. Extreme Shallow JetCraft with a 200hp Mercury Inboard OptiMax equipped with a 15hp Mercury Pro kicker for trolling. From trout, bass, walleye, pike and the elusive muskellunge, we have it all here at the Allegheny Guide Service located in Northwest PA!


The Allegheny River (between Warren and the Kinzua outflow) rarely freezes due to a bottom discharge flow from the Allegheny Reservoir.  This bottom discharge flow is 2-3 degrees above freezing which allows open water musky fishing year around.  Mid to late winter trips can be a mixture of casting or trolling depending on air temperatures the day of your trip.  As November/December/January approach, casting only trips may have to be re-scheduled if daytime highs fail to reach 25 degrees (with little or no wind) due to ice build-up and tissue damage to the gill rakers.  The November, December and January time period is when the muskies are the heaviest but conditions are most challenging. (We occasionally get out of the boat and take a short walk in order to get the blood flowing to the extremities.)  We will never guarantee catching a musky (of course) but as the cold water period begins and food becomes more scarce, chasing the ‘big fatties’ can be a very rewarding experience.  While navigating our site, it is easy to see when many of the fat fish are coming to the boat.   


We are now offering river fly-fishing trips specializing in musky (Esox Masquinongy) and pike (Esox Lucius). With thousands of muskies stocked over the previous decades as well as a significant amount of natural reproduction occurring, our section of the Allegheny River has a strong population of muskies over 40 inches with the average “catch size” being in the 37-42 inch range.  Our pike population is the best in the state with the state record being caught multiple times from the Allegheny River basin.  As you know, Pennsylvania does not stock pike meaning these pike are naturally reproducing and are native to this area. Your fly-fishing adventure trip will be from my large, wide and very stable jet boat drifting along in 4-12 feet of pristine water. We have 30 miles of trophy water and expansive weedbeds to pound. You will be in fly-fishing heaven.


With my newly purchased 21 ft. Extreme Shallow Jet, trophy trout trips will be much more efficient due to the increased buoyancy and shallow water performance of this newly designed boat hull.  Drift-fishing several anglers simultaneously has proven to be a deadly technique but there are those times when wading will be the primary plan during extreme low water conditions.  As most trophy trout anglers know, a stealthy approach is required in low clear water. If you enjoy chasing big trout with a fly-rod or traditional tackle, you will not be disappointed with the awesome trout fishery we have within the boundaries of Allegheny National Forest.  With increased stocking in this PFBC regulated “trophy trout” section (8.75 miles of it), there is a fantastic class of fish ranging between 18-22 inches and a respectable number of 4-6 pounders lurking (10 pound/30-inch brown trout do inhabit this section of river.).  While most of the big trout are hold-overs, there are some wild browns leaving the smaller tributaries to enjoy the cooler river water during mid-summer. If big, thick browns and rainbows is what you seek, this stretch of river is where you want to be.  To see a few recent trout pictures, please visit our Recent Catches page.


After spending considerable time chasing bronzeback and observing the substantial improvement of this bass fishery over the past 10 years, I have decided to offer smallmouth bass trips on the Allegheny River beginning in 2014. This section of river has developed into one of Pennsylvaina’s finest smallmouth destinations.  We have consistently been catching 2-4 pound fish even during the dog days of summer. Warning:  ‘Accidental’ pike and walleye action is always a strong possibility while chasing smallies around these parts so get ready!

2014 AFTER-WORK ‘Quickies’ (APRIL–JUNE Only)

I am also offering an after-work (Monday thru Friday) special lasting 3 or 4 hours beginning this April.  We will customize these 2 offerings to fit your schedule as best we can.  Depending on the time of year, these trips will begin as early as 4pm or as late as 5:30.  In most cases, we will fish into darkness which will allow us to capitalize on the evening feeding window. Please check our rates page for pricing information regarding this trip.


As summer approaches and the daylight increases, some of the largest muskies and many of the huge trout and walleye begin feeding nocturnally on the clear waters of the Middle Allegheny River.  We have decided to offer a night fishing package during the months of July and August.  Normally, we will be in the boat by 6pm  to pre-fish a few good areas, discuss/practice night fishing techniques and get fitted with your headlamp prior to dusk.  Your fishing time will be at least 4-HOURS but if the fish are cooperating we will continue fishing until the action stops.  (These night trips are geared for the trophy hunter who is willing to sacrifice numbers for size.) These river trips will accommodate a maximum of 2 persons at a flat rate price.  Please check our Rates page for further details.


After spending the summer of 2009 dissecting Tionesta Lake and boating many nice muskies, we have decided to offer trolling and casting trips there for 2010.  Tionesta Lake (located in Forest County and 36 miles South of Warren) has a strong trolling and casting bite when the fish are active.  While being just over 6 miles long, Tionesta has coughed up many 50+ inch fish during recent years and currently has a strong class of mature fish in the system.


Due to increased summer water traffic, I have decided to NOT offer any fishing trips during the weekends in order to provide a safer and more satisfying angling experience.  If you are unable to schedule a weekend trip during July and August, I recommend trying to get a date during the Spring, Fall or Winter.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but the safety and enjoyment for my customers is my first priority.


Soon after this photo was taken, this dog was eaten by an Allegheny River musky. 😉

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